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Terms Of Use

Statutory provision

  • A User is a company which has an active account on BulkSMSAPI.NET SMS API Service.
  • An Account is a profile of the company which is a User on BulkSMSAPI.NET which contains data about the Company
  • Forward Value SMS is the owner of BulkSMSAPI.NET


  • One person is allowed to have only one account on BulkSMSAPI.NET. It is also not permitted to share account logins between users.
  • If an account has no activity for a period of more than 6 months then as per the terms of this site it can be cancelled and or removed.
  • If a user violates any of the provision of the terms and conditions as laid down in this document, then the Account can be removed from our system with any existing purchased credit.
  • If a User wishes to terminate his account, for any reason, he may do so by sending a prior written notification of his intention to do in advance to BulkSMSAPI.NET.
  • Every new account registration will be subject to the standard verification process of BulkSMSAPI.NET. The BulkSMSAPI.NET account verification team has the right to reject any Account registration if they deem fit. The user will be properly notified if his registration has been rejected by BulkSMSAPI.NET.
  • BulkSMSAPI.NET will send out periodic emails and updates about the service to the User’s email account. The User explicitly agrees to receive such correspondence.


  • When you register yourself on BulkSMSAPI.NET, you buy credits for using the system. All payments are charged by BulkSMSAPI.NET from the credits that you buy. We have detailed pricing with the packages that are on offer, country wise on BulkSMSAPI.NET.
  • All payments on BulkSMSAPI.NET can be made using either PayPal or Bank Transfer.
    • When sending messages credit are deducted as per the rates prevailing for the country and for sending to a particular network. All messages are categorized in to the following two segments:
    • Without special characters
    • SMS – max. 160 characters
    • SMS – max. 307 characters
    • SMS – max. 459 characters
    • With special characters
    • SMS -max. 70 characters
    • SMS – max. 134 characters
    • SMS – max 201 characters
  • When sending messages credits are deducted as per the rates prevailing for the country and for sending to a particular network. All messages are categorized in to the following two segments:
  • Each message is measured for the length, the country to be delivered and also the network and accordingly the credits are deducted. The User will be notified when he logs into the BulkSMSAPI.NET system about the credits that were deducted. Further when the User is composing the message and is about to send it, the system will notify him of the credits that are going to be deducted from his account.
  • All prices shown on BulkSMSAPI.NET is subject to change at any point


  • Although BulkSMSAPI.NET guarantees the best possible service at all times, they cannot be held liable for any delivery failures due to system overload or network failures or any technical outages of services.
  • BulkSMSAPI.NET uses multiple gateways to ensure that the level of service is always excellent. All network operations are monitored round the clock to ensure that they are working without any glitches. If there is any breakdown of service of the primary gateway(s) additional backup gateways will be put in action to ensure that there is no service outage.


  • It is the responsibility of the User to ensure that the content and type of the message should be conforming to the terns of use of this site. Further it is the User who has to ensure that the message recipient has consented to receiving the messages.
  • BulkSMSAPI.NET will conform with any statutes or any requests from the courts or the police investigating against any violation of use of the site’s services.

Prohibited Content

  • No content which is expressly prohibited by law are permitted to be sent out using the services of BulkSMSAPI.NET
  • BulkSMSAPI.NET expressly disapproves the broadcasting of messages including those containing solicitations for money in the form of donations, notices for collections, any preaching of religious type, threat to person, broadcasting an advertising message of service or blood.
  • Any SMS promoting pornographic, adult, prostitution or any escort services are strictly prohibited.


  • You are not permitted to send out bulk messages to a single number.


  • Any unauthorized usage of our service is always monitored and will be strictly dealt with.
  • As a policy BulkSMSAPI.NET never sends out messages asking its Users to share their username and or passwords or ask them to generate a new one at any point.
  • As a security reason Users should ensure that they never share their username and password with any one.


  • • If you require an Invoice containing the seal and logo of Forward Value SMS then a request needs to be sent to us. On receiving a confirmation SMS will be sent to you after 3 days and an invoice containing the seal and the logo of Forward Value will be emailed to your registered email address with us.


  • All complaints should be addressed to admin@forwardvaluesms.com
  • In case a message delivery was failed and you need a refund, please send us the message ID and we will initiate it for you.
  • All complaints are looked into as early as possible.
  • • If we accept a complaint as valid we will ensure that we provide you adequate credit as a compensation for the error in service delivery.

Final Provision

  • BulkSMSAPI.NET reserves the right to change the contents of this terms or usage at any time without any notice
  • BulkSMSAPI.NET reserves the right to track, store and also keep backup of the messages that are being sent using the service and also the IP address from where the messages were initiated.
  • These stored data can be used for the purposes of tracking any crime or illegal activities using our services for the assistance of the police or any investigative agency.